The training of the future is called Hybrid Training: EMS combined with Functional Training. Become one of the first VB Performance Experts and secure your PT business for the future.


What makes you as VB Performance
Expert expected...
A monthly Extra income

with attractive commissions up to 2000 to 3000 ? or even more ...

A year-round continuing education

We show you with the VB20 Training Club, how to implement EMS functional training can do.
Marketing Support

We do the hard work for you! We give you a digital marketing package and promote your company in our international network.


That's why you'll be successful: 
We rethink EMS...!

EMS was long considered a training miracle for lazy people who wanted to achieve their dream figure with a 20-minute workout per week and static exercises! A promise that still cannot be kept.

Our system is different: Visionbody EMS is a booster, a catalyst for all those who enjoy functional training, have little time, struggle with joint pain or simply want to get rid of their fat pads. Our EMS system makes all this possible. And in best time!

Cable & Power

The old cable systems with control towers, from which the power comes from, are cold coffee for us. They prevent us from from moving naturally and doing functional to perform.
As trainers, we know how important movement is. That's why we rely on our Power Suit, which adapts to every movement, and a small a small power box that distributes the impulses to the muscles.


Visionbody EMS is different because...

Move freely

Wireless, functional EMS training with a small power box, whenever and wherever you want!

Muscle & Metabolism Training

The low and medium frequencies provide for a truly effective muscle contraction that is not just superficial. Thus an incomparable training stimulus is created that not only strengthens muscles muscles, but also boosts the metabolism.

Compensate for asymmetries

Our EMS training helps not only to build muscles, but also to but also to compensate for asymmetries. This makes EMS training even more functional and offers real added value to every workout.


Will now ...

Visionbody Performance Expert

An EMS Personal Trainer continuing education that makes you more financially independent!


What makes Visionbody special?

Low & Middle Frequencies

Visionbody is the only system that Low & Middle Impulse Technology uses. Only in this way muscles can be activated effectively and not and not just superficially.

No cables

Our cables are so uniquely woven into the suit woven into the suit so that they are not visible!

Free practice

We are against static training. We want freedom of movement and functional functional training. Wherever and whenever you want!

Strong Expert Program

With our EMS system we do not only provide only a program and training tool, but also but also a possibility to earn money with us! earn money with us!


These are your Advantages...

Certification & Continuing Education

We will show you not only how functional EMS training works, but also make sure that that you continue to be provided with valuable exercises, training tips and plans. will be.

VB20 Training Club All Access

There is no question that you are already a training expert. no question. Nevertheless we offer you here our all our training knowledge for free. free of charge. In addition, we work closely with with our experts and integrate them in projects, which we pay highly lucratively. Such as the creation of training programs or live trainings that are broadcast worldwide! are broadcast!

Your income Booster

With our PT-Expert program you can earn money in addition to your training business. With every home system sold to your customers you will receive attractive commissions.

Digital Marketing Package

We provide you with everything you need to market your EMS training on social on social media and promote you you on our website as an EMS expert. EMS Expert.

Train the Coach

We do not just give you a license and leave you you alone with it. No, we support you all year round with live workouts, zoom calls & events calls & events to clarify any training clarify. In addition, we support you with the marketing around your business.

An unbeatable Starter package

So that you can really step on the gas we provide you with a starter package your starter package consisting of six suits and a Visionbody box at your disposal.


Get started...!

What you get...

  • 5 x EMS Suits
  • 1 x EMS Power Box (Professional)
  • All Access VB20 Training Club
  • A team of experts who market you
    and supports
  • Train & earn money with Visionbody


These are the next steps...

Let us coach you to become a Performance Expert

Get your starter kit!

Get started right away!


Take part in our
Key note Event

We explain to you what the VB Performance Expert is!

In a 15 minute presentation explain
we will show you in detail how you can work with
us as a partner, you can continue to earn money even in times of crisis.

Ask all your questions...

Everything is much easier and more direct in person. We answer all your questions about our program live and in color!

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